Sunday, May 6, 2012

It's been awhile...

It has definitely been awhile since my last post!  A lot has happened in the past 6 months.  We've had a couple birthdays, had some visitors, played a little soccer, made some new friends, adopted a puppy, and gone home twice - for Christmas and a wedding... it has been busy!  And fun!  We're loving our new home!  We have felt so welcomed into our new ward and we love our neighborhood!  Life is good!  And it's about to get a little bit hot!  Good thing there's a pool in our community!  In the next few months we're looking forward to more visitors and more birthdays!  Ethan is so excited for his Cowboy Party!  and for Kindergarten.  Although, he is a bit sad that his preschool teacher won't be his kindergarten teacher... but I think he'll survive. Here's to a happy summer filled with lots of watered down sunscreen!  Maybe I'll post again at Halloween... enjoy the pics!

Joshua has found better things to do with his clothes than wear them... they make great cargo.
Happy Birthday to me!

We loved having Grandpa Holt and Grandma Marge come visit.  Ethan loved dancing with Grandma!

Joshua loved Grandma's popcorn during bowling.

Bowling with Grandpa and Grandma.

Henry!  He's about 6 weeks here.  Now he's a lot bigger at 6 mo.

Happy Birthday Lover!

Somehow fall came in March this year...

You can do lots of things with crunchy leaves.

Leaves, leaves, leaves...
Cougar Ethan with his Ute buddy Max.  A friendly little soccer match.
At the zoo with our neighbors and new friends... Joshua did not want to sit on the ledge.  I think he was afraid of the animal behind the glass.
At the zoo!

Henry at about 3 mo.
Ethan and Henry about to explore the backyard.
My boys have a thing for flashlights.  Good luck finding one with batteries that still work!

boy + dog + rock = shattered window

We recently traveled to Utah for Ashla's (James' sister) wedding.  It was beautiful!

Joshua was done wearing his suit very quickly.
Ethan's a little charmer!

Ashla is so beautiful!

Congratulations Bryce & Ashla!